Countdown to 50K: Training Weeks 16-22

Let the countdown begin! We’re just days away from the The North Face Endurance Challenge 50K (on April 28, 2018), and Ironman Canada is just around the corner on July 29. To prepare for both races, we created an 8-month training regimen. To learn more about how we created this plan, check out “Ironman/Ultramarathon Training Plan: Weeks 1-5.”

Below is our training plan for the final 7 weeks leading up to the North Face race. We’re right in the middle of Week 22, trying to rest up and stay loose before the big race on Saturday morning. What am I most excited about leading up to the race?

  • Attending the pre-race Q&A with one of me and Tyler’s ultra-running heroes, Dean Karnazes
  • Spending race day out in nature
  • Saltines and soda! I only drink soda on race day, and boy is there something exciting about getting free soda and crackers at the aid stations during a race
  • Cheering on other runners as they cross the finish line (it feels just as good to cheer for others as it does to be cheered on ourselves)
  • Doing it all side-by-side with Tyler, the best running partner (and life partner) in the world

8 Month Ironman/Ultramarathon Training Plan

Training period: Weeks 16-22

Time until Ironman: 3 months

Time until 50K: 4 days



Please note: I am not a licensed personal trainer or medical professional. Training plans, exercises, and related content on this website were derived from my own personal research and experience. While these routines have proven to be effective for me, you should always listen to your body and seek guidance from a medical professional before beginning a new exercise routine. 

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