Ironman/Ultramarathon Training Plan: Weeks 11-15

Tyler and I are training for The North Face Endurance Challenge 50K on April 28, 2018, as well as our first Ironman (Ironman Canada on July 29, 2018). To prepare, we created an 8-month training regimen. To learn more about how we created this plan, check out “Ironman/Ultramarathon Training Plan: Weeks 1-5.”

Below is the schedule we followed for training weeks 11-15. The volume remained high during this time period, so we continued our tradition of planning out the week ahead every Sunday evening.

Though I’m a big fan of training plans and I typically adhere to them about 90%, I also believe in the importance of enjoying vacations, even while training. This month we adjusted a week to accommodate our annual ski trip to Lake Tahoe. We still squeezed in a few workouts after hitting the slopes, but we didn’t worry about sticking to our original plan. (You can read more about our Tahoe adventures here.)

8 Month Ironman/Ultramarathon Training Plan

Training period: Weeks 11-15

Time until Ironman: 6 months

Time until 50K: 3 months




Please note: I am not a licensed personal trainer or medical professional. Training plans, exercises, and related content on this website were derived from my own personal research and experience. While these routines have proven to be effective for me, you should always listen to your body and seek guidance from a medical professional before beginning a new exercise routine. 

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