Ironman/Ultramarathon Training Plan: Weeks 6-10

Tyler and I are training for The North Face Endurance Challenge 50K on April 28, 2018, as well as our first Ironman (Ironman Canada on July 29, 2018). To prepare, we created an 8-month training regimen. To learn more about how we created this plan, check out “Ironman/Ultramarathon Training Plan: Weeks 1-5.”

Below is the schedule we followed for weeks 6-10. The volume really picked up during this time period, so we started sitting down every Sunday to plan out the week ahead. We’d choose which workouts would happen before vs. after work, and when our meals needed to be more substantial, easier to prep (if we knew we’d be training late in the evening), heavier on protein, etc. We’ve continued this Sunday ritual ever since because it really helps us stay the course and mentally prepare for the week.

8 Month Ironman/Ultramarathon Training Plan

Training period: Weeks 6-10

Time until Ironman: 7 months

Time until 50K: 4 months



Please note: I am not a licensed personal trainer or medical professional. Training plans, exercises, and related content on this website were derived from my own personal research and experience. While these routines have proven to be effective for me, you should always listen to your body and seek guidance from a medical professional before beginning a new exercise routine. 

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