50K Training Plan

Tyler and I discovered ultramarathon running thanks to a short-lived but incredibly inspirational TV show called “Boundless.” After watching stars Simon and Turbo go through the highest of highs and lowest of lows in races across the world, we found ourselves dreaming about waging the same battles ourselves. A few weeks and several epic dreams later, we pulled the trigger and signed up for our first 50K.

Crossing the finish line of our first 50K, the DC North Face Endurance Challenge

Had we run a marathon? No. Had we even run a half marathon? Well, no…

That’s the power of working hard and believing in yourself. There are no prerequisites for doing something awesome.

50K Training Plan

This 18 week training plan (inspired by several plans I found online, including this one) served us well for this race. You can pick which days serve as your running days each week, but I recommend doing the runs in the order listed below. On off-days we would cross train by rock climbing or doing full body strength training.

Please note: This training plan is for runners who already consistently run 15-20 miles per week. It was customized to fit my personal preferences and base fitness level, and may not be appropriate for all runners. If you are new to running, I recommend starting with a half-marathon or marathon training plan, then transitioning to this plan after 2-3 weeks of easier running (to recover from the first training wave).

The numbers listed below represent miles. For hill training days, you can run hill repeats, pick the hilliest trail in your area, or use the hill setting on a treadmill.




Please note: I am not a licensed personal trainer or medical professional. Training plans, exercises, and related content on this website were derived from my own personal research and experience. While these routines have proven to be effective for me, you should always listen to your body and seek guidance from a medical professional before beginning a new exercise routine. 

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